Flat Roof Inspections

commercial flat roof infrared thermal inspectionCommercial Flat roofs are one of the highest cost and maintenance systems of any commercial building or industrial facility.  The average life expectancy of these roof systems has been indicated to be 15 years. Many flat roof systems develop leaks within the first 2 years of service. Roof leaks develop due to factors associated with installation, design, and maintenance. Damage caused by a roof leak can be quite substantial and costly. When moisture and water enters a flat roof system, it often remains and rarely dries. This causes the roof materials to degrade and fail prematurely especially the various insulation types located directly beneath the surface material.  Maintenance and repairs costs can be dramatically reduced with both visual inspections and infrared thermal roof inspections.  Both a visual and infrared inspection compliment each other in the overall maintenance and service life of a flat roof system.
The use of Infrared Thermal Imaging for roof moisture inspection has become an economical and feasible method of maintaining flat roofs so commonly found in commercial, industrial, and office building structures.  Thermal imaging can assist in determining the extent of affected materials and may help to identify the source of leaks. These infrared roof inspections can reduce the need for monolithic replacement by simply identifying smaller areas in need of repairs. 

commercial flat roof inspection
Ideally, roofs should be surveyed shortly after installation to establish parameters to base future surveys on. A well designed and maintained roof should be inspected every 3 to 5 years and after major weather events such as high wind and severe thunderstorms. If a leak is present, follow up inspections may help to locate the source and determine the extent of affected insulation needing replaced.
The potential savings reaped from Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys and visual inspections can be huge. Through proper maintenance and surveys, clients may extend the life expectancy of their flat roof exponentially! This is extremely important as waste disposal costs continue to increase. The incentive to repair roofs rather than replace them becomes even greater. Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys and inspections will help to pinpoint and focus your maintenance personnel or contractors on the precise areas needing repair. Roof maintenance using the information and details provided by a commercial building inspector and an infrared roof moisture inspection is one of the best investments commercial building, business, and facility owners can make.